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The LCES PTO executive positions and committee descriptions are listed below.  If you are interested in serving on the PTO, please complete the online interest form and a PTO board member will contact you. 

The officers and committee chairs of the Long Creek PTO make up the PTO board. The officers also referred to as the executive board for purposes of distinguishing between the full board including appointed committee chairs and those who hold an elected position. The term of office for all officers is one year. Officers may serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office. Each person elected shall hold only one office at a time.


Executive Board (Officers)


1.    President shall reside at general PTO meetings & board meetings, is the primary contact for the principal, & represents the PTO at meetings outside the organization, serve as an ex-official member of all committees except the nominating committee, and coordinate the work of all the officers and committees so that the purpose of the organization is served. With VP of engagement ensures responses to correspondence in the PTO email inbox are offered in a timely manner. Committee chairs for the student enrichment, volunteer, and audit committees report up to the president.

2.   VP of Engagement shall be responsible for promoting and leading programs and activities that foster, parental and community involvement. This is achieved by overseeing programs/events such as a welcome back community event, the boohoo breakfast for kindergarten families, a family dance, the book fair, family fun night during the fall and spring book fair, a bring your family to school week activities during the spring book fair, and a year-end family event. With president ensures responses to correspondence in the PTO email inbox are offered in a timely manner.

3.   VP of Fundraising shall be responsible for promoting and leading programs and activities that provide fundraising for the PTO including a primary fall fundraiser, spirit nights, valentine’s grams, Box Tops for Education and other passive fundraising such as Harris Teeter Together in Education and Amazon Smile.

4.   VP of Operations shall be responsible for managing programs and activities that have a direct impact on students and staff. This is achieved by overseeing committees such as room parents, teacher/staff appreciation, uniform closet, and school spirit. Works with the room parent coordinators to create electronic and hard copy templates and best practice lists for the room parent orientation packet. Works with school spirit coordinator to set inventory and to ensure spirit items are available when needed. Will serve as liaison between the PTO and school groups requiring specific group spirit wear/items.

5.  VP of Communication serves as PTO secretary: The secretary records and distributes minutes of all board meetings and all general meetings and holds important records for the PTO such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, standing rules, legal documents and contracts, tax returns and audit reports. Serves as primary newsletter coordinator Manages and oversees internal and external communication by working with officers and committee chairs to ensure PTO and other Long Creek information is

communicated properly and timely through all available communication channels e.g. website, e-newsletter, flyers, PTO bulletin board, and Facebook. Works with VP of engagement and volunteer coordinator to create/update contact and volunteer lists at the beginning of the school year.

6.  VP of Finance/Treasurer: The treasurer shall collect, deposit and maintain all funds in approved depositories. Disburse funds in accordance with the annual budget & maintain records identifying the purpose and payee of all disbursements. Presents a financial statement at every meeting and at other times of the year when requested. Prepare a year-end financial report by June 30 showing the total income & expenditures for the fiscal year. File all required tax forms. Responsible for ensuring appropriate fund raising activities are completed and shall work with the audit committee to ensure monthly and yearly audits are completed.

Committee Members 

1.    Room Parent Coordinators – One each for K-2 and 3-5 will lead room parents through organizing class parties and teacher appreciation events, and other general needs of room parents. Works with the VP of operations to create templates and best practice lists for room parents room parent orientation packet. When needed will provide templates and help room parents draft communications to classroom parents. Review all communications before each room parent sends it to their class parents. 

2.    Book Fair Chair is the primary contact for our book fair vendor to schedule each fair. Works with VP of engagement to lead the efforts to ensure details of the book fairs are planned & executed, such as All for Books, Family Fun Night, set up, decorating, teacher preview event, marketing etc. Works with volunteer coordinator to organize a book fair committee. Please note: this role may be shared between two volunteers.

3.    Teacher & Staff Appreciation Chair - Works with the VP of operations to plan, organize and execute the teacher & staff quarterly lunches, breakfasts and appreciation week events. Will organize events/recognition programs during special staff recognition times e.g. bus driver appreciation, custodian appreciation, administrative professionals day, etc. Works with the volunteer coordinator to help build a committee.

4.    Program/Event Chair – Works with the VP of engagement to plan & coordinate PTO- sponsored events such as our school dance, the talent show, Bring Your Family to School week, and other activities. Works with book fair chair to coordinate Family Fun Nights during the spring and fall book fairs. Works with the communication team & volunteer coordinator to ensure program and event details & volunteer needs are communicated through all communication channels in a timely manner.

5.  Retail Incentive Coordinator - Promote corporate sponsored programs (e.g. Box Tops, etc.). Manage, track and redeem incentives obtained through the programs.

6.   Digital Communication Coordinator - Works with the VP of communication to coordinate each of the primary digital platforms used to keep the school body informed of the work of the PTO. Primary responsibilities include keeping the PTO website current by updating the homepage and program pages with program details and photos, and adding relevant documents and meeting minutes. Helps coordinate the weekly e-newsletter for distribution.

 7.   Volunteer Coordinator - Works with VPs of engagement and communication to create/update contact and volunteer lists at the beginning of the school year. Creates sign up genius for programs and events, which require a volunteer presence. Contacts via email the list of volunteers when needed to support PTO programming and events. Works with the communication team and program chair to ensure volunteer needs are communicated through all communication channels in a timely manner. Also is the lead coordinator for new board position nominations.

8.   Fundraising Chair - Works with the VP of engagement, leads a committee in fundraising efforts and events for the PTO, which include but are not limited to, our major fall fundraiser, spirit nights at restaurants, Valentine grams, retail incentives, & other passive fundraising efforts.  Primary contact for fundraising vendors.  Works with VP of finance & direct donation/matching gift coordinator to ensure all gifts are documented properly.  Helps find new & innovative fundraising ideas & grant opportunities for the PTO.  

9.   Direct Donation/Matching Gift Coordinator - Works closely with fundraising chair & VP of finance to manage the master roster of contributions, tax donation letters and track matching gifts.

10. Nominating Chair - Leads the nominating committee work.  Per our PTO bylaws, it is the responsibility of the committee to secure candidates for the ballot and present a slate of qualified, acceptable candidates to the board for approval and to the membership for a vote.  The committee members shall consider the specific discussions related to potential nominees to be confidential.  Committee members are prohibited from disclosing potential and final nominees to the membership.  The committee will conduct its business via meetings, conference calls, email as deemed necessary by the committee chair.  

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